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Fun ways to improve English

Fun ways to improve English

Fun ways to improve English


Fun ways to improve English: You know how to speak English. You’ve mastered the basics, you also can make small conversation,even You can name everything you see, and so on. By Fun ways to improve English, you can learn English while playing and having fun. Fun ways to improve English.

 Fun ways to improve English
Fun ways to improve English

But how do you improve?

You can speak—sure—but you want to speak with confidence. You can see the next level of English for you, but you just can’t find the way to get up there. And you’re so bored with grammar and the boring English topics and now don’t want to study more than you are tired of those old ways of learning English. You want a new way to learn and improve your skills in English language.

So what can you do?

You should Stop studying English and start playing with it.

You have memorized, you have repeated, you have practiced—now you can have fun! Once you start playing with a language, you are one step closer to mastery.Below is a list of different methods you can use to play with English. Whichever method you choose should be fun and enjoyable for you. Otherwise, you’re not really playing! So don’t push yourself more and more onto any of these and just have fun with them.

Fun ways to improve English

1)  Try out Some Tongue Twisters:-

Fun ways to improve English
Fun ways to improve English

Tongue twisters are difficult even for native English speakers so don’t worry if these require some repetition and you also can have some fun with your friends. Try these out:

If two witches would watch two watches, which watch would which witch watch?

How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

Send toast to ten tense stout saints’ ten tall tents.


2) Tune in to Your Music:-

Listening to music is a great way to find new vocabulary and practice your English intonation. In songs, the intonation is different of course, but you can basically understand which sounds to put stress (emphasis) on when speaking.

Want to try something more difficult?

Instead of memorizing the words of an English song, take your favorite song in your native language and translate it to English.Challenge yourself to create new phrases in English that will correctly translate the exact meaning of words or phrases from your native language.

3) Improve Reading Comprehension with Fairy Tales:-

Most fairy tales have simple plots and few characters so they are easy to remember. So reading some stories like these will provide keys to examining English language culture in a whole new way.

4) Improve Understanding of Language Culture with Jokes:-

Being able to understand the humor in a language is an important part to understanding the culture. Manythings is a good site to find some classic jokes.

Yes, these are really cheesy (not so funny, old-fashioned) jokes, but you can see some examples of wordplay in English.

5) Learn to Express Opinion with News and Debate:-

Fun ways to improve English
Fun ways to improve English

Do you have a lot of opinions? Learn the vocabulary for expressing them.Watch debates and improve both your listening skills and your vocabulary. Debates are also one of the best examples of the usage of formal English.Hold your own debates with friends. You can even write argumentative essays. Choose a topic that you and your friends don’t agree about, and find ways to explain your opinion.But to find topics to express your opinion about, you need a source…

Reading the newspaper can be intimidating for even a native English speaker, but Breaking News English is a great website for English learners who want to read English news. The site takes real newspaper articles from sources such as the BBC and edits them down to the level of English you prefer.

6) Perfect Conversation Skills with Anime and Movies:-

You can watch English anime or movies to improve your listening skills. You can watch different anime or movies of your country or your native language movies in English. In internet many different movies and anime English dubbed and subbed are available and have a very unique and different new stories for you to watch. For beginners, anime is the best option as in anime very easy and useful English is used and you can easily understand the English used in anime.

7) Increase Confidence Using Social Media:-

Having native English speakers around is the ideal way to practice English using film discussion and holding debates. Having a friend who is also learning English is the second best option.But if these people are not accessible in person, you can find them on the internet. Language exchange, movie forums, Twitter, Reddit, and all forms of discussion are happening online.

Are you shy about your English ability? You can practice your English online and increase your confidence before anyone even sees your face. Of course, nothing can beat speaking English face to face, but as you wait for the chance to practice with other English speakers in person you can build your confidence by practicing your English online.




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