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latest Android P

latest Android

We know many people have been waiting for the latest Android P operating system, So let me tell you Android 9.0 will be released in August 2018.

latest Android P


Intelligence, simplicity and digital well being are the three pillar stones of the upcoming Android P operating system, for which the fourth Beta is available now. This update is near-final, according to the company, with the final Android 9.0 release expected in August.

Many smartphone users are already using latest Android P on their smartphones. However, they are using the beta version as Google has not yet released the official version for it. The beta versions are not that stable and we also don’t know the proper name of Android P as well. But it seems that the wait is going to end soon.

What is the name of latest Android P?

    Well this question is troubling many people. Google has not yet revealed the name for android p or we can say android 9.0  

Little history (older version for android)

latest android p

we already all android name are related to sweet treats, so it will be more apealling if android 9 will also be code named after sweet treat

So far we’ve seen:
Version Codename Distribution
2.3.3-2.3.7 Gingerbread 0.3%
4.0.3-4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich 0.4%
4.1.x Jelly Bean 1.5%
4.2.x Jelly Bean 2.2%
4.3 Jelly Bean 0.6%
4.4 KitKat 10.3%
5.0 Lollipop 4.8%
5.1 Lollipop 17.6%
6.0 Marshmallow 25.5%
7.0 Nougat 22.9%
7.1 Nougat 8.2%
8.0 Oreo 4.9%
8.1 Oreo 0.8%

The name won’t be announced until August, but that doesn’t stop us having a guess as to what it could be. The company has also been sharing some images of popsicles on Instagram. Popsicle is a trademarked name, but that doesn’t mean Google won’t go there. The easter egg within the Android P beta (shown at the top of this page) also looks very much like a popsicle

CEO of Google (Sundar pichai)

Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai


Maybe Sundar Pichai this time brings an Indian flavour to the next Android version’s name. So it might be called pakoda or paneer or something like that. Who knows?

But still, a popsicle is much more appealing. 🙂


There are already rumours the name of android 9.0 could be Android Pie, Android Pecan Pie or Android Pumpkin Pie, But that doesn’t sound very Google.

Many source are also indicating the name Android Pistachio Ice Cream, which is what Google is calling the upcoming OS internally. The name Pistachio fits the usual sweet-treat requirement, and from previous OS names we know Google likes ice cream. But pistachio really???What about all the people with  nut-allergy ?

Possible Name of latest android P

The following names could be finalised:

  • Android Pi
  • Android Pie
  • Android Pastry
  • Android Pasta
  • Android 9.0 Petit Four
  • Android 9.0 Pound Cake
  • Android 9.0 Pastille
  • Android 9.0 Popsicle
  • Android 9.0 Profiterole
  • Android 9.0 Pistachio
  • Android 9.0 Puff Pastry


I would like android Popcorn , but well all know that popcorns aren’t sweet treats….

Possible new features in latest android 9.0 P

1. Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT


Android P now supports IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol which is also known as Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT). It’s one of the best features that Android fans are waiting for.

This new feature enables indoor GPS style tracking by determining your location within a building and facilitating turn-by-turn directions to help you navigate indoors.

2. Dashboard

It’s easy to lose track of time while you are glued to your phone watching YouTube videos, playing games, or checking out social media. This is why Google has introduced a bunch of features that let you control how you use your phone.

3. Slices

‘Slices’ is one of the best Android P features which comes in handy at several places. It lets you perform basic application activities outside the app.

Let’s say you search for ‘Lyft’ in Google Search. An interactive Slice appears on screen that displays price and time for a trip to work so that you can quickly book a ride.

4. Wind Down

Many of us spend hours on our phones at night before we actually fall asleep. Wind Down will help you curb this habit by switching on Night Light and turning on the Do Not Disturb mode at your chosen bedtime.


Just select the time at which you would like to go to bed, and Android P will fade the screen to grayscale to help you remember to sleep at the selected time.

5. App Timer

Another step towards Digital Wellbeing is the App Timer feature which lets you set time limits on apps you use for a more extended period.


On approaching the time limit, a notification pops out warning you have reached your time limit and the app ‘pauses.’ So with Android P, you can manage your time better and improve your productivity.

Well there will be far more changes in GUI as well as performance and optimization in android 9.0 P. We should just wait and see.

thanks for reading this article.

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